Shoaib credits his passing the CPA Exam on his first try to Roger CPA Review's teaching methodology and easy-to-understand course materials. Learn more about how he did it while working full time at a Big 4 accounting firm! 

Which exam section(s) have you passed? 


What university/college did you attend?  

Baruch College

Why did you choose Roger CPA Review? 

Roger CPA Review was recommended to me by a friend. I watched the trial video and instantly knew this was the program I wanted to use. 

What was your favorite aspect about our course? 

The material was easy to follow. I enjoyed how it was broken up into many small parts and did not become overwhelming. Most of all, I enjoyed Roger! What an amazing person. 

How has passing the Exams affected your personal and professional life?

Personally, I feel like I finally understand certain concepts that I learned in college. I feel much more in command of my field. Professionally, this allows me to be promoted further within my firm. 

Any words of advice for those studying for the CPA Exam? 

As Roger says, if you study, you will pass. I used a method where I still left time for my friends and going out. It doesn't have to be an extreme study process; you can find that happy balance. I also worked full time in tax, so there were periods when I could not study. As long as you stay focused and disciplined, it'll happen. 

Anything else you'd like to share? 

I was able to pass all 4 parts on the first try. I have credited this fully to this program and especially Roger. His method of teaching is fantastic. I would not change a thing in what they do. Keep up the amazing work.