Keith Jennings passed the CPA Exam despite the many obstacles he faced during his journey. Learn more about how he persevered and what his best piece of CPA Exam advice is. 

1. Which exam section(s) have you passed? 


2. What university / college did you attend? 

Ramapo College of New Jersey 

3. Why did you take Roger CPA Review?

It was the best reviewed course for a reasonable price.

4. How did you hear about our course?

A representative stopped by my college which sparked my interest. Once I looked it up, I knew it was the right fit for me.  

5. What is your favorite aspect of our course?

Roger always keeps things interesting. The lectures are amazing and I felt engaged each time. The course is very well organized and easy to follow.  

6. How has passing the exam affected your personal and professional life?

It has given me more confidence in my ability to get things done as well as opened many doors. I feel that with the CPA license, there is no avenue you can't pursue in the business world. As for my personal life, it feels nice to have accomplished something that has made my loved ones proud. Also, it's very nice to have more free time to go adventuring.  

7. What’s your best piece of advice for other candidates studying?

Be consistent every week. It is easy to give in to the distractions but don't let them get the best of you. Keep the big picture in mind and push forward. The same day that I found out I passed FAR, I found out my dad had been diagnosed with cancer.  It was the most emotional day of my life.  It really put things into perspective for me that the most important thing is to enjoy your family/friends time while studying.  FAR was my third exam that I had passed, so I still had work to do and was already feeling burnt out.  When I got the news about my dad, I pushed through as best I could and ended up failing REG.  He told me to stay positive and continue to go after my goals and that is exactly what I did. The hardest thing in the world was not being able to be there for him everyday, but he wanted me to keep studying because he knew I was determined and almost finished. He got through his treatments with a strong fight and beat the cancer. He inspired me to keep fighting and I finally passed REG on my last try before BEC expired. It was a long journey, but shaped who I am standing here today.    

8. Favorite quote?

"Keep your eyes on the stars but keep your feet on the ground" - Theodore Roosevelt 

Pass the CPA Exam smarter, not harder.