Roger CPA Review, the leader in CPA exam review courses, is thrilled to announce their new "Roger's Accelerated Review Program," a fast-track eight-week version of Roger Philipp's motivational In Class CPA review course.

Starting next Tuesday, June 5, and running through July 30, students can power through all four sections of the CPA review course in just eight weeks, with Roger's Accelerated Review Program. This program is available in ten different locations throughout California, and can be mixed and matched with Roger's Online CPA Review Course.

Roger CPA Review has also debuted new suggested study planners for their online and USB course students. These suggested planners are a course feature designed to help keep Roger CPA Review students on track with their studies depending on the amount of time they have available before they take the CPA exam.

"The AICPA says the average successful candidate will spend about 300 to 400 hours preparing for the CPA exam," said Roger Philipp, CPA. "These new study planners are a great guide to help our students create their personal daily planner by breaking down their study time with our course lectures. I have many students that are now using these suggested schedules to optimize their study process and ultimately reach their goals."

Three-month, six-month, and nine-month study planners are now available as a course feature to Roger CPA Review online and USB course students. In addition, Roger CPA Review is proud to provide students and professionals with access to a wide variety of free online CPA review articles, blog posts and videos to enhance their knowledge and reinforce their studies.

For more information, or to sign up for Roger's Accelerated Review Program,

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