In the beginning of March earlier this year, Roger CPA Review launched its annual scholarship campaign. We know that in order to become a CPA to make money, it actually takes money up front to become a CPA. And while it's a small price to pay in retrospect once you obtain your license, we also know that many CPA Exam candidates don't always have the means necessary to pay for all of the exam fees that come with the application process--especially when they also need to pay for a CPA Exam review course to help them pass. 


That's why it's an honor and privilege for us each year to award scholarships of varying amounts to a variety of CPA Exam candidates. These awards ranged from full CPA Review costs to 50% off CPA Review costs, and also $250 off CPA Review costs. We look forward to this scholarship campaign every year since it gives candidates an opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams of becoming a CPA--a feat that is not easy and requires tons of hard work and discipline. 


This year, we received a record number of applications! We'd like to formally thank everyone who applied. We selected recipients based off of academic merit, future goals/objectives, and accomplishments. We enjoyed reading each and every entry, and while we truly wish we could have given everyone an award, we chose recipients whom we thought would truly benefit. 

Therefore, please help us congratulate the 2016 Roger CPA Review Scholarship recipients below!

  • Victor Mateo, California State University - San Marcos, California
  • Chip McCraw, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia
  • Matthew Stewart, Western Washington University, Washington
  • Rebecca Sappir, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Troy Cunningham, Boise State University, Idaho
  • Pauline Nguyen, Chapman University, California
  • Denise Garduno, Northern Arizona University, Arizona
  • Andree Mea, University of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Jazmin Marroquin, Portland State Univeristy, Oregon
  • Kira Regester, University of Washington - Bothell, Washington
  • Oluseun Joaquim, Dillard University, Louisiana
  • Daniel Bayona, State University of New York - Westbury, New York
  • Tsubasa Takei, University of Nebraska - Omaha, Nebraska
  • Robert Lucier, Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts
  • Kimberly Lake, Univeristy of Central Missouri, Missouri
  • Luciano Pitts, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama
  • Sara Cline, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Eros Davis, Emory University, Georgia
  • Ricky Ho, Pace University, New York
  • Joanna Lovin, Texas A&M - Commerce, Texas


Again, we'd like to thank everyone who participated! If you were not selected for a scholarship, we still want you to continue to pursue your CPA dreams! So make sure to check out our regular discounts that we're offering candidates year round as well as the financing options we have available. 

As always, we wish everyone the best of luck in their CPA endeavors and hope to be a part of your journey!