My exam is one month away.  I started having that panicky feeling we all get as we get closer to our exam date  the I studied this section two weeks ago and now I dont remember it panic.  There is so much material on the REG exam so I feel more overwhelmed by this than I did for AUD or BEC.  I decided to combat this by designing a review plan that will refresh topics/questions I have struggled with or havent seen for awhile.  

REG is divided between business law and taxes.  Because I am more comfortable with the business law sections (e.g. contracts, warranties, business structures, etc.) than I am with taxes, those sections are first on my review schedule.  I carved out this week to review all of the business law sections and re-take the questions.  I am targeting to complete 270 questions per day.  This may seem like a lot but I am planning on breaking them up in increments of 90 in the morning before I start my workday, at lunch (oops looks like Im taking a much longer lunch break the next few weeks!  Fortunately my manager is very supportive of getting the exam completed!) and at night after work.  I know some days this will be easier than others but for the most part this is a reasonable schedule I can maintain. 

After I complete the business law sections, I plan to spend one week for individual taxation and one week for Corps/S-Corps/Depreciation/Property Tax etc. Again, I will stick to my 270 questions per day while also reviewing my notes, Rogers notes and pages I marked to study again right before the exam. Between neon post-it flags Ive been using and green/pink/yellow highlighters, my book is starting to resemble a rainbow.  

I must say I have learned more about taxes taking from the Roger CPA Review than I did when I was in college.  Not only has Roger helped me by preparing me for the exam but hes also helped me at work: sure, I knew the book/tax differences before but actually learning the rules has/will help me in my career. When I sit in meetings now and hear our tax group discuss AMT, I actually understand what theyre discussing and can participate in the conversation. 

After I conquer the tax portions, I left a week to review last minute topics/questions/notes to boost my confidence.  Its going to be a fast 30 days but I am ready!

Id love to hear how others prepare in the final days leading up to an exam.