Hi everyone!  I hope your studying is going well!  With a new year, comes changes in the CPA exam.  Fortunately for me, the REG changes arent that significant.  Roger put together a very detailed summary of all of the changes while aligning them with the 2012 or 2013 textbooks for all currently enrolled students.  Please make sure you check this out if you havent already.

Time management is going to be absolutely essential for me the next few weeks as I work full-time for a calendar year-end company and we are currently in year-end mode. I am feeling more confident about REG but there are a few areas I need to tackle.  I want to really focus on those topics and MCQs the next few weeks. Specifically individual and corporate AMT, basis calculations, liquidating and non-liquidating property dividends and the DRD. I think Im seeing a pattern here TAXES!  My background is in audit and financial reporting, not tax.  REG has been a real struggle for me but I am getting through it!  I find myself having to fight the urge to keep studying business law and business structure its so much more fun to study the topics you know.  A+ every time!  

Lastly, I wanted to admit that I am really excited to do my taxes this year!  My return is pretty easy but I always use an online software program to complete my taxes and basically line up the boxes with my W2 and all of the other tax information I receive.  This year I just might do it the old fashion way paper and pencil. :) Thats when I really know Ive made it! 
Study hard.