Missed our live chat with Roger Philipp, CPA earlier today? No worries--here's a recap of the top questions asked by CPA Exam hopefuls and students, answered by Roger himself!

Student: Can you tell me about the CPA Exam for International Students? I'm in Pakistan.
Roger: The CPA Exam is expected to be offered in UAE by mid-2011. Keep an eye on this page from the AICPA website for updates. On the right hand side of this page, youll also find links for International candidates that will help you determine which state is the best for you. Good luck!!!

Student: For the tax portion of the REG exam, what is the best way to learn and understand the information? In particular, the individual tax section seems overwhelmingly filled with a lot of details and numbers/amounts. It really intimidates me. How do you suggest we study them? Thanks a lot!
Roger: I understand exactly where youre coming from. In class, Ill breakdown the hard to understand topics and walk you through step by step. In the over 20 years Ive spent teaching the exam, I find memory mnemonics are extremely helpful in taking in and retaining the information in a fun and interesting way. You can do this!!! You just need to take it one step at a time!

Student: Hi Roger, I recently attained my Master's Degree and am focusing on getting my CPA license. I have not taken any sections of the exam yet. Which section do you highly recommend I begin with?
Roger: I usually tell my students to start with FAR. It requires the most amount of study time, and it's a HUGE relief to get it off your plate first. Otherwise, start with the part you feel most confident with to build your confidence!

Roger-Thanks for all your answers...I've got one more (at least). In Texas, all the CPA candidates have to take a straight-forward Ethics Exam; which I believe is quite easy to pass. Would it help on BEC or AUD to try to take that in advance? Thanks again. Gary
Roger: Hi Gary, I understand why you think this might be helpful. However, I suggest you focus on your studies that directly relate to BEC and AUD first. In my course, I go right to the heart of what's being tested. Then worry about the Ethics Exam. You're right, it is easy (ssshhhh)!!

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