Each score release season, theres no sweeter sound than the ding of an incoming email signifying the promise of another student testimonial! Were so grateful for our wonderful students who have provided insightful testimonials accounting their experience with their Roger CPA Review course. Cue the Chariots of Fire and go nab some tissuesthese ones are real tear jerkers!

I just checked this wonderful Saturday morning and found out that I passed the last section of the CPA. I work full time at a tax and financial planning firm, studied my butt off with Roger's guidance and passed every section my FIRST time! Roger, you crazy man! Thank you for providing an educational and all-encompassing course. You somehow make CPA prep entertaining and bearable. I could NOT have done it without you. If you want to become a CPA, do it right- study with Roger! Tim H., NCH Wealth Advisors

"Thank you Roger! Your high energy and humor kept me going and I passed AUD on the first try with an 80. I swear, my wife must have been wondering what I was really watching on the computer when I would laugh out loud during your lectures." Mike F., Albright College

"I just got the results for my last test and I passed! I am done with taking CPA tests! I want to thank Roger for his dymanic lectures. I was taking another course but I was having a hard time staying focused as the lectures were dry and hard to follow. I stumbled upon Roger CPA review course when I was looking for something more than what I currently was using. The first test (REG) that I took I used his cram course the week before the exam. I believe taking this course give me the added boost I needed to pass REG. After that, I was believer. Thank you Roger for helping me push through and pass the exam." - Melissa R., Walla Walla University

"Thanks Roger! Your lectures make even the most difficult topics easy to understand. There is a sincerity about you that builds confidence and demonstrates that you genuinely care about your students. The simple study/homework format works so well by matching the questions with the lecture and notes and focusing mainly on key topics. The notes are right to the point and the entire course is designed in a very logical sequence, making each section flow nicely into the next. Well done! I have been recommending Roger CPA Review to everyone preparing for the exam. I tried three other review courses before turning to Roger and passed 100% of my exams after the switch. Thank you Roger, seriously, you are awesome!" -Carl P., Yeo & Yeo, P.C., CPAs and Business Consultants

"Roger- If I could drive to CA right now and give you the biggest hug I would! I took youre REG online class and have finally completed all four sections of the exam!!! I couldn't be happier and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone and everyone I know! Thank you for being so enthusiastic and entertaining. Who would have thought that tax could be funny? Youre the best!!" - Devon T., Drexel University

Thanks for your continued support and congratulations on your promising future as a CPA!