Well folks, it is that time of year again. In the accounting world, CPAs are buckling down and gearing up to tackle heavy workloads and long hours in the office. Lots of CPAs turn to Twitter to share everything from frustration to inspirational quotes with fellow members of the Busy Season Club. Tune in below for some of the best #busyseason banter!

Getting home before 8 pm feels super weird. Like someone is about to jump out and just hand me work! #BusySeason

I wish my best friends weren't accountants #BusySeason I never see them. I hate #taxes!

And it begins. Copious amounts of doughnuts in the office. Everyone will eat them and then complain they are gaining weight #BusySeason

For some reason I want to marathon #Dexter. Could be #BusySeason.

Love the grind. Embrace the struggle. #BusySeason #publicaccounting

We know the next couple of months will be taxing, so Roger CPA Review encourages you to throw a hashtag in front of busyseason and youll find yourself a band of sleepy accountants to commiserate with.Good luck everyone!