Sunglasses PTO your way to CPA
The kids are out of school, the sun doesnt set until well past eight, and youre already craving the next season of 24 (What will Jack Bauer do next?!). What does this all mean? You guessed it summer is in full swing. Summer is the time of year when most people tend to relax, use their PTO for vacations, and let their cares slip by the wayside. But instead of letting your annual Disneyland trip or 4th of July barbecue be your excuse to get out of a good CPA Review cram session, why not bring your review with you and take full advantage of your vacation hours? Put those PTO days to good use with these tips.

1. Bring your CPA review with you. You cant study unless you bring your materials with you. Luckily USB drive courses can fit in the palm of your hand (and are perfect for planes). Instead of over packing, like usual, make some extra room and toss in your review book and your homework book. When you arrive at your destination, pull out your books first thing and put them in a place you can see. That way they wont just sit in your bag the whole trip, but will stare at you until you open them.

2. Actually review the materials you brought with you. Dont let your materials just sit in your suitcase or you will regret ever having brought them when you get home. Whether this means sneaking in a few flashcards between cheek pinches at Aunt Maggies family reunion or watching a few 1 hour snippets of your USB lectures on a beach somewhere in Maui reviewing can be squeezed in to even the busiest summer schedule. Even five minute durations of cramming can add up into a full lesson or topic learned.

3. Stay hydrated. We dont need to berate you with the benefits of drinking enough water were sure that you know them inside and out. But, we will say that dehydration has been shown to increase reports of fatigue and hinder short term memory. This suggests that if you are lying out by the pool all day and not drinking water, you will have a hard time remembering those mnemonics.

4. Soak up some rays. Vitamin D has also been linked to cognitive function and deficient levels are more common than you would think. Additionally, vitamin D can increase mood and positive thoughts (which are definitely necessary for studying for the CPA!). So, enjoy some unprotected sun and soak up the goodness. Lie out on the beach, play a round of golf, go for a hike whatever your vacation allows! Of course, bring your flashcards with you. If you are going to be in the sun for a long period of time make sure to supply some SPF too.

5. Take a break! Study for two hours at the hotel pool? Reward yourself with a margarita and relax. Vacations are important for mental health and before you know it, it will be busy season again. Enjoy your time off by being with the people that you love and taking full advantage of each moment. When you get a chance, review, but dont feel the need to lock yourself in your hotel room to get in that last section of FAR. You can do that the week you get home :)