By all accounts, teachers are an underappreciated lot. But, accounting teachers have an especially difficult job. The topic, itself, isn't generally considered exciting, and it requires a special type of instructor to create compelling course material that will keep students engaged and learning.
Dr. Tim Kizirian knows this better than most. Known for injecting a sense of humor into his accounting and auditing curricula, Dr. Kizirian has been a valuable member of the CSU, Chico business faculty since 2000. As a well known and respected accounting teacher, he can offer a unique perspective on what it takes to make a successful career preparing tomorrow's CPA's.
RCPAR: Thanks for taking the time to interview with us. How long have you been teaching Accounting?

Dr. Kizirian: "10 years"

R: What keeps you passionate about teaching?

K: "My passion for teaching actually comes from my passion for the accounting profession. I think the accounting profession is one of the most noble, exciting, and interesting professions a college student could chose. It is also rewarding, especially financially."

R: If you were entering the workforce today, would you choose to be an accounting teacher, or a CPA? Why?

K: "I think you should become a CPA, THEN become an accounting teacher. This way, you are teaching from street knowledge, not just textbook knowledge."

R: What can universities and colleges do to encourage more accounting students to become accounting instructors?

K: "Every accounting program should, at a minimum, introduce accounting academia as a potential career choice to the accounting students."

R: Do you support private class sponsorship as a potential solution? For example, a class called Price Waterhouse Coopers presents "Accounting 101"

K: "Sure, we academics welcome all kinds of money!"

R: What do you consider to be the greatest challenge facing accounting instructors today?

K: "The general lack of drive (motivation), critical thinking skills, and math and writing skills in the average American high school graduate."

R: Do you have any suggestions for accounting students or CPAs who want to become instructors?

K: "Don't do it just for the money. You have to actually care about the student's well-being, and future success. You have to love the accounting profession."

For more information about Dr. Tim Kizirian, please visit his biography page on the CSU, Chico website.