We got a great question from one of our Twitter followers (paraphrased here):

"I passed the CPA Exam but I don't have my license yet, how do I put this on my resume?"

How many of you are in the same boat and just waiting for the moment when you can put that CPA behind your name? While it's very important to refrain from putting CPA behind your name until you've received your license, (because it's illegal otherwise) all your hard work and success can still be listed on your resume.

There are many different resume templates available, but the best place to include this information would be in the section where you discuss your education and professional development. It will read best if you list this accomplishment as:

Successfully passed all four sections of the CPA Exam

The requirements to gain your license once you pass the CPA Exam vary by state. Click here for more information on CPA license requirements.

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