student of the month may 2012We love hearing about our students' accomplishments and experiences after taking our course, with many going on to working their dream jobs and achieving wonderful things! Our Student of the Month Spotlight shows what our students are up to since PASSING (one or more parts of the CPA Exam) with Roger CPA Review!

Our May spotlight is on Amy Avery, CPA!

Amy proves that you can become a CPA at any point in your career. After 20+ years in the banking industry, Amy made the switch to pursue a CPA certificate and hasn't looked back since!

"Anyone who can make a tax topic both understandable and laugh-out-loud funny at 6am is truly gifted."

Why did you take Roger CPA Review?  I had passed both AUD and BEC using another review course, but going into REG I knew I needed extra help in Corporate Tax. I saw Rogers preview and was hooked. I liked it so much for REG that I also used it for FAR and got 88s on both the first time.


What was your favorite aspect of the course? Rogers humor and energetic teaching style really make the course stand out.  Anyone who can make a tax topic both understandable and laugh-out-loud funny at 6am is truly gifted.  Even complex topics were broken down into pieces that were easy to learn and easy to remember on exam day. 

Anything else you'd like to share?
I really encourage others who are mid-career to seriously consider pursuing their CPA certificate. I started my CPA journey when I was 44, after 20+ years of experience in corporate and commercial banking. My degree is in finance, and the CPA certificate seemed a great skill enhancement as well as a way to diversify my resume banking has not been the most steady industry the past few years. It took almost 3 years while working fulltime to take the 15 semester hours and then take four parts of the exam, but it was worth it. I had already met the experience requirement, so my CPA license arrived in March. Finally getting to use those 'magic letters' feels great!







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