The CPA Exam is not a fun process for most. But, we do our best to make it fun and motivating for you, which is why we love when you see the humor in it as well!

Here are some of our favorite tweets about the CPA Exam.

@thatrandomasian says, "My accounting teacher explaining CPA exam: "They make you work like a dog. Wait, dogs don't work, I don't know why they say that." LOLZ"

@PostGradProblem says, "Studying more for the CPA exam than you did for all of your college courses combined. #PGP"

@Facts4theCPA: My problem with studying for the CPA exam is that I study for a few minutes and then take breaks for hours

@morganlewis8 says, "IDEA: email that let's you know that you failed your CPA exam with a gif and audio of Gandolf screaming YOU SHALL NOT PASS."
We like this idea, but hopefully, it would be more like this:

@mkate_davis says, "I just found out my mom passed her third CPA exam! #proudkid"
Shout out to your mom!

@Ashleyjoxo says, "If I fail my next CPA exam, it will be due to having discovered @BuzzFeed...I suppose I can always be a stripper."

@DanielGarrett12 says, "My bonus for passing the CPA exam just hit my bank account. MINI HORSES AND JET PACKS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS."

@TheTylerBarr says, "Today was good day for 2 reason. 1. I got 14 nuggets in my Chick-fil-A 12 piece. 2. I found out I passed the 1st part of the CPA exam."

@TopCPA89 says, "There should be a national CPA exam support group. If people really understood what we had to go through...."
Maybe there should be a national CPA Exam support group - we'll look into it folks!

@BartacusSHU19 says, "Just tried practice questions on the CPA exam and it hurt my feelings unbelievably hard"

@JordoDestroyo says, "My dad tells me a "motivational" story about how he failed his CPA exam... How is that supposed to make me feel any better?!"

@RepCom1140 says, "I want to be on a dancefloor in Brooklyn right now. Instead I think I'll go to bed and dream of passing the CPA exam."

And perhaps our favorite tweet to see in our feed:
@derekalbin says, "Happy to say that I'll never have to take the CPA Exam again. #passed"

We hope you all #keepthefaith and #pushthrough. Before you know it, the #CPAexam will be #over! In the meantime, @RogerCPAReview will strive to #motivateandinspire you to #doyourbest and #pass!

What's your #CPAExamStory?