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Our December spotlight is on Stoney Laurel. He passed all four parts of the CPA Exam this winter before beginning his job at Rothstein Kass!

"Roger gets to the point and doesn't waste time."

Why did you take Roger CPA Review?
I failed AUD using Yaeger's review course, mostly because I couldn't stay awake during the lectures. I decided to take Roger's course because it seemed like a good change of pace in comparison to Yaeger's instructors.

What was your favorite aspect of the course? AUD was the trickiest section for me. On my failing attempts, I tried to brute force memorize extremely abstract auditing concepts. I finally passed AUD because of Roger CPA Review. Roger's AUD lectures provided meaningful context to the abstract documents/transactioncycles I had previously attempted to memorize. After finishing Roger's course, the auditing concepts no longer felt abstract. I had finally connected the dots. In short, Roger teaches audit in 2 languages: (1) auditspeak the bland context blurring language used in the exam, and (2) realtalk the everyday language that avoids wordiness and pretense, thereby keeping simple stuff simple, real, and on the level. Hearing the auditspeak helps you familiarize yourself with the specifically discriminate wordywordiness that the exam intentionally wordilywordifies so nothing ever makes no sense, never, unfalse, which for yet the least of is not best answer is not true for the father precedes the son, but the egg. Roger's use of real talk to explain the [craziness] that is auditspeak, brings you back to reality, keeping your sanity in check.

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