Welcome to our Student Spotlight! We love learning about our students' accomplishments and experiences after taking our course! Whether they take their newly-earned CPA designation to continue on to their dream job, or still have more sections of the CPA Exam to conquer, we're sharing their incredible achievements below. 

Our August Spotlight is on Matthew L. Martell:

Balancing life as a fulltime employee, fulltime Masters Student, Matthew shows us the importance of dedication and perseverance in the CPA Exam study process. Matthew is an outstanding example of how following The Roger Method will bring you the results that you're working forjust by sticking with it!

Why did you take Roger CPA Review?

I watched the sample videos on the Roger CPA Review website and was very happy with Roger's energy and enthusiasm. Most other CPA Reviews are boring and monotonous, but Roger was able to use his personality to make boring material seem interesting!

How has passing the exams impacted your personal and professional life?
Passing the CPA Exam has proven, once again, that hard work pays off. It wasn't easy having a full-time job and being a full-time Masters Student while taking the exams, but after passing all parts the feeling is quite rewarding.

Words of advice for those studying for the CPA Exam?
The best advice I can give to students just embarking on their CPA Exam journey are Rogers words, "It's a test of discipline. If you study, you will pass!" It was my objective, while studying for the test, to not move on to the next chapter until I felt I could master the current one... READ MORE.

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