Ever since the release of the new Score Release Timeline, the AICPAs been buzzing with inquiries from curious CPA-hopefuls.

Based on the questions weve received over at Roger CPA Review, heres a few of our faves:

Q. Where are the released scores posted?
A. State boards of accountancy are still the only party with the authority to release scores to CPA candidates. Contact your state board of accountancy for their respective score release process.
Q. Which states are participating in the faster score reporting timeline?
A. All domestic scores are released on the same timeline regardless of jurisdiction. Candidates should be aware that each jurisdiction has its own score release process and should plan their schedules accordingly.
Q. If I take the CPA Exam at an international test center, what is the score release timeline?
A. Scores for international candidates are released approximately one day after scores for the domestic CPA Exam. More information can be found in the International CPA Exam FAQs.

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