Weve heard it all: Stomach aches, fainting, and most popularly, compulsively refreshing the computer screen, aching to see that 75. Time and time again, students complain of the agony of the unpredictable score release process and their cries have been heard and addressed!

Last week, the AICPA announced that theyve streamlined the Domestic and International Score Release Process, establishing a Score Release Timeline. Comprised of set target dates in which NASBA aims to release scores to state boards, the timeline aims to make the process much more prompt and predictable. Though, the scores will be released to state boards on the target date,
the final release to candidates will still be dependent on the time each state takes to process the scores. These target dates cannot be guaranteed because of occasional delays due to score inquiries, additional analysis and other unexpected issues. Additionally, target dates for International score releases are two days because of added overhead, rather than the one day release for the states. Get all the
* Records from AICPA
Odds are you wont stop your compulsive-refreshing-saga, but maybe you can calm it down a bit!