After recently passing BEC, I had several fellow CPA Exam candidates ask me what my study strategy was a month before taking the Exam.  In other words, what is some good cramming advice for the CPA Exam?

My 30-day study strategy for BEC:

  1. Worked through sixty questions each and every day. Thankfully, there are fewer questions to review for the BEC portion of the CPA Exam.
  2. Focused on areas where I was particularly weak by making flashcards and taking extra notes on those subjects. 
  3. Listened to at least one hour of audio lectures a day while working out at the gym or driving home from work. 
  4. Worked on writing simulations. My strategy for simulations was to learn keywords.  I then wrote down five facts or other terms about the keywords. That helped me during the Exam to recall the terminology that was important for each keyword that was related to each question. 
  5. Kept my mental edge by remaining positive, confident and by taking care of myself. I made sure to get enough sleep, drank plenty of water and exercised daily. This gave me the mental boost that I needed to stay sharp during the study process. 

Good luck to everyone taking the CPA Exam during the next testing window!

- Stephen, guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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