If you had just one more week to study for the CPA Exam (and maybe that's how long some of you have!), how would you study? While there's only so many textbooks you can memorize and MCQs you can do, we think CPA Exam students could all benefit from the following five videos. These are our top picks that every student should watch before they take the CPA Exam!

1. CPA Exam Tip: What to Do on Test Day
This is takes its spot at #1, because if you don't know how to function on the day of the test, all the studying will have been a waste. Many of these things will be obvious, so consider this video a friendly reminder!

2. CPA Exam Tip: Memorization Tips 
The CPA Exam does require quite a bit of memorization. But remember, not all material can be simply memorized. Be sure to actually understand what you're memorizing- and then it will come to you easily! For whatever memorization you do have to do, here's how to do it better:

3. CPA Exam Tip: Research Task Format 
There are 7 TBS on AUD and FAR, and 6 on REG. Any of these can be a research simulation! Make yourself aware of how to go about doing these kinds of problems:

4. CPA Exam Tip: How to Study Smarter 
While we do believe in the concept studying hard, studying smarter definitely has its advantages: you save time, energy, and you discover new ways to learn. Here's what you can do to study smarter:

5. CPA Exam Tip: Why CPA?
When there are so many steps to taking the exam and applying to licensure, plus all that studying, it's easy to lose sight of why you started in the first place. Remind yourself to get pumped for your exciting future!

Want more tips? Check out our entire CPA Exam Tip playlist.

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