This week's Meet the Roger CPA Review Team Q&A Series is with Don Hull, Business Development Manager. Learn more about his background in the publishing industry, where you may see him this summer, and why he enjoys working at Roger CPA Review.


What do you do at Roger CPA Review?

I am the Business Development Manager for Roger CPA Review in the Midwest region. Along with management, I will be building our presence and elevating our brand at colleges, accounting firms, and state societies throughout the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Ultimately we will be building a team in the region that includes field team representatives geographically located for maximum penetration throughout the region.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Roger CPA Review?

Without a doubt the most attractive feature working at Roger CPA Review is the culture of energy, collaboration, and dedication to delivering a product and service of high value to our students. The entrepreneurial aspect of the company is very strong and allows people to easily bring forward their best, new ideas. 


How does your current position influence what you’re passionate about? 

I have been in educational publishing my entire working career. With Roger CPA Review, I have the opportunity to interact with students, faculty, and professionals in accounting who are either helping students or are themselves striving to advance their careers. The Uniform CPA Exam is a tall undertaking, but we have created an excellent platform and set of tools, products, and services that give students the opportunity to effectively prepare for the exam. And our pass rate proves that. We help students succeed and reach their goals!


Who has impacted you most in your life and how?

Without going in to too much detail, my mother and father had a strong influence on me in forming strong family values, work ethic, and a sense of right and wrong. Also, President Ronald Reagan.


If you could go back in time and do one thing over, what would it be and why? 

I would serve our country in the military. It was quite a few years after college graduation that it occurred to me that I missed out on that. I am the son and nephew of WW II generation service men. They had a large impact on my life. Collectively they are sometimes called The Greatest Generation.


What piece of career or life advice would you give to recent college graduates? 

Well this one hits home! I have a recent college graduate of my own and currently three students in college – a freshman, a sophomore and a senior.
For recent graduates the first thing to tell them is that the transition from academic life to the professional or “real” world is not always easy. Be positive, be focused on your objective, keep reviewing and revising your resume, make contacts using all methods including phone, email, and social media. Put your information in front of as many HR people, recruiters and companies as possible while always revising your information. It’s a numbers game and it takes some time to make the right connection, but it will happen.


What are your plans for the summer?

We have a lot of planning to do for the Fall semester and we will also have a large presence at the AAA in New York in August, so there is a lot of work on the agenda this summer. However, I will be taking some time for a mini family reunion during our annual trip “Up North” as they say in the Midwest, to St. Germain, Wisconsin over the Fourth of July Holiday.


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