student of the month may 2013Student of the Month Spotlight May 2013


Congratulations to: Alison Walker
Name: Alison Walker
College/University: Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Graduation Date: March 2013
CPA Exam Passed: AUD, BEC, FAR, REG
Alison's story is a testament to the importance of focused discipline when preparing for the CPA Exam. She followed the Roger CPA Review plan, and passed all four parts! We are very proud of her strong commitment to passing the CPA Exam, and all her successes!
Why did you take Roger CPA Review?: I chose Roger because he had something that other courses seemed to lack--high energy, genuine humor, and the ability to keep your attention at all times. His enthusiasm for the material makes you believe that you too can understand it and pass.
How did you hear about our review course?: Quite honestly, I googled "CPA Review Courses," and I am so glad I did. The fact that I was able to preview his video segments really affirmed my belief that this was the course that was going to help me pass.
What was your favorite aspect of our course?: Roger's capacity to break the course down into specific informational segments. Audit was my toughest course by far in college, and I had the ability to review the videos as many times as I needed to pass it. The accompanying notes explained TIPPICANOE so easily, that I got an 83 on my first attempt!
How has passing the exams impacted your personal and professional life?: I work as a staff accountant for a company called X-spine. Because our company is small, my duties cover a wide range of accounting functions including month-end, financial reporting, financial analysis, cost accounting, audit, and tax. Coverage of all these aspects in both the course and on the CPA Exam has helped me improve my position and work towards becoming a more well-rounded individual. The celebrating with your friends after passing is worth it alone! :)
Words of advice for those studying for the CPA exam?: Review your notes EVERY single day. This may sound silly, but I covered my bedroom walls with hand-written posters identifying key information points and mnemonics from Roger. The repetition and daily reviews helped me pass: FAR 77, AUD 83, BEC 87, REG 87 (in that order). I could not have done this well with another course!
Favorite Quote:  "Not even analysis, by itself, can transform you. You must still do the changing yourself." -Natalie Wood
Anything else you'd like to share?: This is a test of discipline! If you put in the hours, you WILL pass.

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