Have you ever wondered why there are CPA Exam blackout months? Blackout months allow NASBA and the AICPA "maintenance" time to ensure that the computerized Exam is working properly. It also allows them extra time to evaluate candidate performance.

Blackout months provide a great opportunity for CPA Candidates to have a little more time to study or to schedule some much deserved time off. If you need a break, by all means take one!

If you choose to use this month to continue preparing for the Exam, we have provided some

  • Micro-learning structured lessons for maximum retention
  • Over 100 hours of the industry's most focused, dynamic lectures
  • Online system integrating lectures, textbooks and 5000+ previously released AICPA Exam Questions
  • Expert-written course materials and content prepared by the profession's top CPA Exam Powerhouses
  • Much more!

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Whether you choose to relax or to continue with your CPA Exam studies, be sure to make the best use of your time during the blackout month. You'll want to be fully prepared for the next testing window.