On a professional level...

Fact - 80% of new hires start studyingor pass the CPA Exam before their first day of work. With thousands of qualified accounting students entering the workforce, it's important that you give yourself a reason to stand out.

  • Set yourself apart from the pack: Firms are increasingly looking for students who have more to offer. 

  • Boost your salary: Firms often award a bonus to those who pass the exam within their first year.  
  • Advance in the firm: Taking and passing the CPA Exam is a must in order to climb the corporate ladder. 

On a personal level...

While Roger CPA Review has successful students both young and older, we consistently find that new graduates have an easier time balancing commitments.

  • Get it out of the way:  Take the exam while you're still in study mode. Research shows that candidates fresh out of college tend to perform better on the CPA Exam. 
  •  Lighten the load: Once you begin your rewarding, but very demanding career in accounting, you'll appreciate having one less thing to juggle.
  • Family time: Trust us on this one - it's much easier to study for the CPA Exam kid-free.  
Did you know that in thirteen states you can sit for the CPA Exam before you graduate?  Check your state's requirements here!