I cannot believe I am sitting for REG on Thursday!!!  I am so nervous but I think (hope) I am ready.  Ive studied BY FAR the hardest for this exam.  I keep telling myself all of those nights and weekends I spent buried in my book/lectures/doing MCQs will pay off.  Even though I have sat for the exam before, each time I get so nervous for it.  As I have mentioned before, before I invested all of my spare time into the CPA exam, I used to run quite a bit.  I am treating the next few days like I would do before any of my long races.  I plan to study and review my notes but I dont intend to have any major cram sessions.  Its important that I eat well, get enough sleep and am confident that all of my studying has prepared me. 

Also, I wanted to say farewell.  My fingers are crossed that after this Thursday I will only have FAR remaining. I have so enjoyed my blogging experience with the Roger CPA Review Team; however, due to a very hectic work/travel schedule over the next few months and the very voluminous FAR book (!!!), I need as much time as possible to dedicate to the exam.  I am hoping to sit for FAR toward the end of April/early May.  I wanted to thank all of you for all of your support, encouragement and kind words!  We, CPA exam students, really are a tight knit (and very tough!) group.

Good luck to all of you keep up the hard work.  We all knew this would be difficult but I keep reminding myself how great it will feel when its over!  

Take care,

Special Note to Angela from the Roger CPA Review Team: 
Angela, we are so lucky to have had a student like you blog for us! Your stories have been an inspiration to thousands of students and we would like to thank you for taking the time to write for our CPA Exam community. We know you will do tremendously well in the future and we wish you the very best in all your endeavors!  

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