Roger CPA Review extends our deepest condolences to our East Coast students who have lost their homes over the weekend and continue to be affected by the flooding brought on by Hurricane Irene.
This Just In Testing Window NOT Extended
Roger just received word that the testing center is not going to be extended. Apparently the candidates that were affected are working with Prometric and NASBA to individually resolve their case.

Still Need to Reschedule Your Exam?

With little time left in the testing window, students are generally scrambling to sit for their exam before the new month.Add Irene and youve got chaos. With tons of East Coast Prometric Center closings over the weekend, and a few still closed today, rescheduling the exam is probably going to comparable with the worst day at the DMV. If your exam center was closed over the weekend, or is still closed, a representative from Prometric is supposed to call you regarding the next steps. If you still havent received a call, youre instructed to contact Prometric Candidate Services Contact Center (1-800-479-6215). Prometric will work with you if your exam was affected by Hurricane Irene. However, be prepared to stay on hold for a while (were talking hours) grab some exam notes and have a spur-of-the-moment study sesh.

Studying Without Power?

With millions of homes still without power, we know that studying for the CPA Exam is proving to be difficult as most students rely on watching their CPA Review courses via a home computer. However, we have a couple solutions: First, check if your CPA Review course is compatible with your Mobile Device. Though the power is out, East Coast wireless networks are staying strong. Secondly, we know its not fun to switch up your study plan, but use this time to perfect your mnemonics, review your notes or read the highlighted sections in your review book. Without all of the distractions of the Modern Age, perhaps this quiet time will actually prove to be useful.

We know this is stressful, so please let us know if we can help you out in any way. Well attempt to work our magic and get your questions answered.

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Roger CPA Review Team