We know that as a CPA Exam candidate, you’re going to have questions and concerns regarding the content you’re learning. Whether it’s a difficult topic such as cost accounting or simply the need to understand financial reporting just a little more, it’s important to have access to a tool that will give you expert guidance for all things related to the CPA Exam.


Which is why we have our Homework Help Center. So if you’re a Roger CPA Review student or are thinking about becoming one, here’s a breakdown of how you can use our Homework Help Center to your advantage to get the most out of this great service. 


What is the Homework Help Center (HHC)? 

The HHC is a service we provide to all Roger CPA Review students. It gives them 24/7 access to supportive staff and assistance from expert CPAs to answer any questions they may have about the content they’re learning in our course. There are several different ways students can utilize the HHC efficiently and effectively, which are listed below. 


Search for Questions 

Click on the “Questions” tab to scroll through all the questions that have been posted on the HHC by other Roger CPA Review students. The questions are listed chronologically, with the most recent questions appearing first. 

How this can help you

You can use this feature if you simply want to see what other students have questions about or to see if a question you have has already been posted and answered. This will save you time and energy. 


Search for Tags 

Click on the “Tags” tab to see all the different categories that questions are labeled with using keywords. You can search for question tags alphabetically or by most popular. 

How this can help you

This will be useful when you want to find questions quickly. Simply look for the keywords associated with the question and click on them to see what questions have already been asked about that topic. The numbers next to the tags indicate how many inquiries have been posted related to that keyword. 


Ask a Question 

Click on the “Ask a Question” tab to ask any question related to content you’re studying, advice, or other CPA Exam questions. 

How this can help you

This is helpful if you have already searched the “questions” and “tags” sections and did not find information or answers related to the question you had. Please note that an important part of making sure your question is found properly is by adding the question ID# if there’s an IPQ (Interactive Practice Question) you have a question about. This can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the questions screen in quiz or review mode. 


My Posts 

Click on the “My Posts” tab in order to see all the questions/posts you’ve ever submitted. This is helpful when you just want to go back and review your questions and answers specifically. 


Watch the video below to get a brief overview of all the Homework Help Center features!