Heads up, everyone! Its that dreaded (and slightly confusing) time of the year again Daylight Savings. Instead of that same, ol dont forget to change your clocks garbage lets be honest, our cell phones and computers do that for us anyway were giving you some tricks and tips to steal back that stolen hour and ultimately shave unnecessary time off your study routine.

  1. Set up a hoarding corner: Find a quiet spot away from the TV!in your house where you can set up a permanent study corner during the CPA Exam study process. Eliminating the set up and cleanup from your study routine can save you a whole load of time!
  2. Make Roger CPA Review your homepage: With your very own student account, study tips and suggested study planners at your fingertips, imagine all the time youll save.
  3. Channel your Inner Boy Scout: Channel your 3rd grade expertise on building an emergency kit and construct your very own study kit. Toss in some healthy snacks, a few water bottles, a couple Advil and a Red Bull or two and relish in your time-saving techniques!
  4. Leave me a message after the beep: Out of Office replies are standard, lets make Im just super busy responses the same. Set up an automated response on your personal email letting family and friends know why you arent responding to their latest chain letter.  If only that worked for Facebook
  5. Stick to that study plan! Laying out a clear and realistic study plan will save you loads of time in the long run. Be sure to add in your work schedule, kids schedules, and extracurriculars so that your plan can be as accurate as possible.

See? Youre practically rolling in free time!