Hooray! It’s time to celebrate because today officially marks the end of the 2016 Tax Season! Whether you’re an accountant or intern working at a private or public firm, we know you can appreciate the amount of stress that will be relieved as this day comes to an end.

So with the newfound amount of more time on your hands, we thought we’d help you by putting together some great ways to relax after Tax Season. 


Take a mini vacation 

Plan some type of mini vacation for yourself. You can do a weekend getaway to visit family and friends, or just hang out at your favorite out of town spot. If a whole weekend isn’t possible in the immediate future, take a day off and stay somewhere overnight. You’ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel getting out of your house for a while, even if it means staying in a city just 30 minutes away!


Indulge in your hobbies 

If you haven’t been able to do some of your favorite things like attend your weekly yoga class or cook delicious home meals in a while, this is the time to get back into your happy places. Pick up on any projects you had to leave aside since Tax Season started and destress by doing whatever it is you love most. 


Pamper yourself 

Remember that spa treatment or leather jacket you thought was way too expensive? Not today! Reward yourself for getting through Busy Season by splurging on something for just you. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a materialistic item, but rather an experience such as a day hike or going to a music concert/festival. 


Do something for someone else 

We know, we know. Isn’t Tax Season already all about doing things for others? But we mean taking this to a more personal level. Is there something your significant other, kids, parents, or friends really want or would appreciate? Make their day or surprise them by executing a plan to grant them their wish. 


Become a CPA

Of course, we had to throw this one in here. And we know what you're thinking--how is studying for the CPA Exam a way to relax? Well, the way we see it, there's no less stressful time to start on your CPA journey other than right after the busiest season of the year for the accounting industry. We’ve harped time and time again on how this designation is the gateway for more opportunity, travel, income, and plenty of other benefits. While we know this is a big commitment, we also know that it’s worth the time and effort. Do something great for your personal and professional life by advancing in your career. And with the ability to finance any of our course packages, we're making it even less taxing (see what we did there?) on your emotions and finances. Even more reasons to celebrate the end of Tax Season!