The top 3 New Years Resolutions for 2012: Quit smoking, get fit and to lose weight.

Your top resolution: to pass the CPA Exam once and for all in 2012. However, the ball has dropped, the confetti has settled and 'Auld Lang Syne' is no longer on Spotifys repeat. Follow these Top 5 Tips to turn that New Years Resolution into a new reality.
  1. Create a study calendar. Modify your calendar in outlook, get a personal planner for your purse, or download an app on your mobile phone. Regardless, creating and sticking to a personalized study planner is your golden ticket to CPA Exam success. Be sure to break down lectures and homework, and also include your work schedule and any special events that youll need to attend. The trick is for this study calendar to be a realistic goal to strive for each day.
  2. Lean on me. Turn to your colleagues, friends or classmates for support. Banding together with other CPA hopefuls who share in your same journey will greatly ease your load. Not only can you help each other with difficult concepts, but youll have someone to hold you accountable and to lean on when study times get tough.
  3. The Tivo trick. Interrupting your lectures to tune into a mediocre rose ceremony is not the best excuse to halt your studies. Set up a series recording on your favorite shows, and tune in to the tube only as a reward for sticking to your study plan. This same trick can be used on friends and family, too. Pass on that basketball game now, there are more time-sensitive goals at hand youll make it up to them later.
  4. Work smarter. With Busy Season right around the corner, working smarter is the trick to CPA exam success. Close Facebook, get a sitter, go into hiding - Essentially, do whatever you need to do to do spend your spare (key word) time studying entirely distraction-free.
  5. RSVP to our Live Chat with Roger Philipp, CPA on Tuesday, January 17thfrom 12pm 1pm (PST). During this hour, feel free to air all of your CPA exam anxiety. Need help getting into the study groove? Seeking a professionals opinion on how to bump that BEC score from a 74 to a 75? Regardless of your q, Rogers all yours for that hour and will respond to your questions LIVE on the wall of the event. RSVP here: