We get this question all the time. Generally, the question comes from CPA Exam candidates that are looking to for a straight forward answer like 3 weeks for REG. Unfortunately, its not that simple. The answer really depends on YOU and your spspecific schedule.

The AICPA recommends 300-400 hours of total preparation for the exam. Heres how we break it down in our course so that our students can meet the AICPAs recommended preparation time:

CPA Exam Section

Class Time

Study/Homework Time (Rogers Lectures)



33 hours

99 hours

132 hours


28 hours

84 hours

112 hours


24 hours

72 hours

96 hours


19 hours

57 hours

76 hours

It is up to each student to plan out their study time based on their individual schedule. One student may have three nights a week, plus both weekend days that they are willing to devote to their CPA Exam studies, while another student may only have two nights a week available and one day over the weekend. Obviously, the first student will be able to plow through their studies faster.

So to answer all of those CPA Exam candidates out there, the key to how long it will take is in the hours. Buy a planner, schedule out your hours and stick to it. Include your actual exam dates in the planner, and make sure to schedule with Prometric in advance. Then youll have a concrete goal to work towards!

Last, dont forget, you need to get all four sections done in one 18 month window. If you stick to your goals, you should have no trouble doing this.

Happy studying!