Sherri shares with us her all-too-common story of losing credit for three parts previously earned due to the 18-Month Rolling Window. We think her perseverance and hopeful attitude will serve as an inspiration to all! Sherri has passed BEC, FAR, and AUD, and now anxiously awaits her final REG score!

Hi there everyone!

I took the REG exam on Monday and feel an amazing sense of relief.   I studied harder and more efficiently for this exam than any test I have taken previously.  Now, I am waiting for my score, along with the rest of the civilized CPA wannabe world.
My goal was to come away from the exam with a sense that I passed with minimal doubt as to whether or not I will get that magic 75.  Although I dont want to jinx myself, I am feeling really great about my potential results.

I looked back to see how many online questions that I did for the exam, in addition to all of the homework in the Wiley book.  In the final two weeks before the test,  I completed more than 1700 questions!  No wonder my brains are still fried!  I can still see mnemonics in my sleep.  I am looking forward to a restful holiday weekend of recovery.    

In the midst of all of this studying, my hubby and I decided to buy a new house.  We are closing on the day of our 14thwedding anniversary September 18.   We must be gluttons for punishment.   We are excited because the new house will give us a little more space and a pool.   The new house will be a bit of a project, but will also be a great start on a more balanced life without studies.  I am really looking forward to spending as much time outside as possible in the coming weeks.  We are lucky here in Texas in that we will have warm temperatures through October.  It looks like I am going to get a late start in working on my tan. but hey. better late than never!

You might remember that I mentioned previously that my husband Michael was also studying for a big exam.  He took the National Academy of Sports Medicine exam on Monday while I was engrossed in the REG exam.    I think that we both came away with passing grades on Monday.  We are now waiting for our daughter Lauren to finish up her real estate exam on Thursday.   After Thursday, it will be a family celebration!

I hope that all of you are having a great week of studying.   Remember to follow all of Rogers advice in the Roger CPA Review course.  Watch the videos.  Work all of the questions at least twice.  Study the mnemonics.   The sacrifice will pay off.

See you next week!