Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR, AUD, and BEC and is now gearing up for REG. 

Phil Salerno Guest Blogger Well hello all! This week has been super hectic. I am still pressing through REG videos, reading and doing questions.  This weekend, I went through 314 questions, not including simulations.  My last exam is on November 26th, and if I pass, then Im DONE with all four parts!  I've been pretty motivated to finish studying, get through the material and take a three hour exam.  

I spent some time this weekend reflecting on all that I accomplished this past year.  I am still shocked that I passed FAR on my first try. However, Im more shocked that I was able to stick with this!  12 months is a long time to spend every night studying.  I remember after I failed AUD on my first try that I wanted to give up.  I remember going through the whole discourse that Roger often says in his video, I never wanted to be a CPA anyways  But now that Im three months away from adding three more initials behind my name, Im extremely thrilled that I stuck with this endeavor.
Im hoping this blog will help provide some motivation if youre feeling stuck and like theres no end in sight.  If you stick with this, take this exam one day at a time, Im positive you will find yourself just a few months away from being called a CPA.
Lets be honest, though.  Its not easy giving up every night and weekend to study.  Its not easy giving up outings with your family and friends.  Its not easy to memorize the standard audit report word for word.  And guess what, its not all fun either.  There I said it.  This journey to obtain my CPA has been long and hard.  The odd part is that the material isnt hard.  Were all accountants here, so a debit is a debit is a debit, right?  Whats hard is winning the mental battle!
Its hard going through a set of questions and only getting 50% of them correct on your first run -through and its already 11PM, and you still have another run-through and 18 simulations to work!Success has comes with a price.  Success is painful.  Its choosing to sit at your study station and not move until youve mastered bonds payable.  Its deciding to pick up your pen and paper and rewrite ACIDBRAINS overs and over until you can dream about it.  Its about surrounding yourself with positive people that support you through this hell storm.  Its about knowing that one day this will be over.
I have been extremely fortunate.  I have an understanding wife and daughter, an understanding boss and group of positive people that I keep close to me.  So heres to three more months!