Daniela resides in the great state of Pennsylvania. She begins her CPA Exam journey with the perspective of a Masters in Accountancy and a new job as a Tax Staff Accountant with a top 100 accounting firm. She's beginning with FAR and we know she'll go far!

Where have the last two weeks gone?  For that matter, where has the last year gone?  Time is just flying by.  I cant believe that I have already been in Pittsburgh for three months and I cant believe that I am going to be sitting for the CPA Exam in less than a month oh and its 2013?  Happy New Year!

I had such a wonderful holiday with my friends and family.  I ate, drank, and was merry, but it was really hard to fit in any study time.  It looks like I am going to have to double up on my study time in the next couple weeks.  I would like to reschedule my exam but with tax season quickly approaching, I would have to push it back until April or May.  Instead, I think I will have to start spending my lunch hour doing multiple choice questions and simulations with the Wiley software as well as add onto my normal studying in the evening and on the weekends.

Hopefully, you are not in the same boat as I and you studied diligently throughout the holidays.  If not, I guess now is the time to be more creative on finding time to study.  Im going to be using my lunch hour and then also spending extra time after work at the office to study because I feel as if I can concentrate better there without the lure of TV or chatting with my roommate. 

I hope that you all had a great holiday but its time to get back to reality and get back to studying!