Lets get ready to rumble!  Its official, I scheduled my exam and I am taking REG on April 5th.  Wow!  That is this Saturday.  Where has the time gone?  I was feeling really confident about my progress but now that the exam is just days away, I am starting to feel nervous. 

I have decided to not let my nerves get the best of me and I am going to approach the exam like a fighter or boxer would approach his or her next fight.  My opponent, the CPA exam, is big, bad and ugly but I need to believe in myself in order to knock him out!  Cue the Rocky theme song.  With every MCQ and task based simulation I do its like taking another step up those iconic stairs.  When I answer a question correctly I say Yes! and give a fist pump in the air.  Another one correct, like a champ!  Getting a correct answer really pumps me up and gets me motivated to do the next question.  Im learning all of my opponents moves and tricks.  My opponent has a pretty good fighting record but so far I am undefeated!  I attribute a lot of my success to my coach Roger.  He is always in the corner of my brain telling me mnemonics and I remember his funny stories that lead me to the correct answer.  Roger and I are a winning combination. 

I scheduled my exam for 1:00pm because I am not a morning person. Here's what my test day will look like (or so I hope):
  • Wake up around 9 am and have a nice hearty breakfast.   
  • Turn on some loud music and get myself mentally pumped for the exam and then review some mnemonics and other notes quickly to get my brain warmed up.   
  • Sit in my car and review the mnemonics and some important charts
  • At the testing center, reproduce the mnemonics on my scrap paper for reference during the exam. (I plan on arriving at the testing center at least an hour before the exam).  
  • Bring my two forms of ID, my NTS and little else.   
  • In the past I have checked into the testing center and then asked to go to the bathroom before I go in for my test because I will not take any breaks during the exam.  I have never used the entire time to complete the exam so this time I want to make myself slow down on the questions.  I plan on using 30 minutes for each multiple choice section like Roger suggests and that will give me plenty of time for the task based simulations.
I am ready to go.  Its fight time!

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