financial-literacyIt is now the last installment of our series on the 3 easy things you can do to promote financial literacy. We've covered the first two steps:

Know Your Resources

Spread the Word

Step Three:

Get Involved!

The AICPA has a lot of helpful resources for volunteers. They have Mobilization Kits which include information for different stages of financial planning and a User Guide on how to present and utilize the information; a Personal Financial Planner; free Financial Literacy CPE courses for members, and much more. Because they have a variety of programs, you can choose your level of engagement--you can become a CPA Ambassador or simply use the information they have available in your financial resources arsenal--either way there's something for everyone.

Another great way to get involved is through your state society of CPAs. Many states have programs in place to give back to the community. If you are not already member, check out your state society today.

How will you get involved?