financial-literacyIn honor of Financial Literacy Month we are continuing our series on the 3 simple things you can do to promote financial literacy.

Promoting financial literacy is an important part of a financial professional's responsibilities, especially for CPAs, and those working on becoming a CPA. But even if you don't have experience in the financial industry, there are still plenty of ways that you can spread the word.

Last week we covered the first step which is Knowing Your Resources, the Second Step is:

Spread the Word!

With the availability and convenience of social media these days, there is really no excuse to not utilize this effective tool. You have the opportunity to share helpful information and educate your personal community about the importance of financial stewardship. It only takes a moment to post a link on Facebook, or Retweet information on Twitter, or any other social media site you are part of.

So take a brief moment and visit the resources we provided last week or post something of your own on your social media profile. You can even select the Twitter or Facebook icon at the bottom of this article and the article will post directly to your profile! It's that easy.