You may not always like the way that Bob across the way constantly chews gum with his mouth open; but then there are those times that despite your aversion for watermelon flavored things, Bobs routine offering of a stick of gum paired with a How are you this morning? and a Did you know random factoid is such a great way to start the day that you simply cant say no.

Then theres that Courtney over in Auditing whos always willing to drop whatever shes doing to come to your aid no matter the situation, big or small. Whether its questions about work or you just need someone to vent to about your cat throwing up on your bathroom rug again (youre pretty sure hes doing it out of spite for not letting him sleep on the bed that morning this time), you can always count on Courtney to lend a helping hand or ear.

Well, today is the day to show those coworkers of yours just how much you appreciate those sticks of gum and moral support.

Thats right. Today is Employee Appreciation Day. First arriving on calendars in 1995, a Recognition Professionals Internationals founding Board member (in conjunction with his publishing company, Workman Publishing) created Employee Appreciation Day to appreciate and acknowledge all employees in all industries. Commemorated on the first Friday of March, this day has extended beyond just employers recognizing their employees efforts; more than this, it has become a day for all employees to also appreciate one another.

We understand that its busy season, so while youre buried under paperwork and still coming home in the wee hours of the night, we thought wed come up with some simple, easy, and great ways to show your fellow coworkers that you care. And what better way to do so than during this hectic time of year? We all know that while the accounting industry is tough during tax season, were also well aware that we couldnt get through this time period alone. Your fellow accountants wake up just as early as you do; leave the office at around the same time, and are enduring the same stresses and pressures you face every day on the job with clients, superiors, and sometimes one another. So take some time, even if its just a few minutes, out of your workday today or next week to show your fellow coworkers your appreciation for the times theyve made you laugh, covered for you, showed you empathy, and never said no to an afternoon donut run. Heres how:

1. Send a mass email: Never underestimate the power of the written word! Squeeze in 5 minutes of your morning or afternoon to shoot a mass email to everyone that gives them some words from the heart. Elaborate on the ways theyve helped you to grow, taught you something new, or simply made waking up in the morning easier for you. Youll find that something as simple as an email can do just the trick to pick up someone elses day.

2. Coffee on you: Everyone loves their coffee in the morning, and you this because you had to learn to avoid that certain somebody without their caffeine intake the hard way! Offer to buy coffee in homage of Employee Appreciation Day. Its a kind gesture that involves some monetary sacrifice, but its definitely a crowd pleaser and itll give your coworkers a physical and spiritual pick-me-upper.

3. Snack on you: Or, if everyones already got their coffee, pick up a snack! If theres any one way to anyones heart, its food. The best way to go about this is covertly. Walk over to the local market or donut shop and pick up a couple dozen donuts or box of cookies; then bring it back to the office and stop by each desk to offer one. This personable action is a great way to just reconnect with someone in cubicle #6 who you havent caught up with in a while.

4. Make amends: Everyones different, and conflicts of interest in the workplace is bound to occur. So if youve butted heads with someone recently or a long time ago and the both of you havent been able to be in the same break room since, its time to make amends. Invite them out to lunch, shoot them an email, or simply stop by and say hello. Sometimes you have to forgive each others differences before you can appreciate each others similarities.

5. Befriend someone new: If you work with a larger team/department and you havent had the chance to really get to know anyone beyond the 8 foot radius that is your work space, make this day an opportunity to befriend someone new or get to know someone else better. This is also a great way to bring in someone whos a bit shy into your daily lunch circle or evening coffee break. Building rapport with your coworkers creates greater productivity and builds trust.

6. Suggest an activity: Its Friday. We think you should do something fun with the people youre around most for Employee Appreciation Day. Arrange for a group activity such as karaoke, a simple game during lunch hour, or organize a time and place for everyone to carpool or taxi to happy hour. Enjoy tapas and beverages and give everyone a chance to unwind, hang out, and enjoy each others company.

7. Get creative! Brainstorm with a buddy or two and come up with something that everyone in the office can do and enjoy according to your organizations culture and interests. Or, if what you want to do is too short notice, plan for something next week or a time when everyone is available. Dont feel restricted to do something on this specific day, because, after all, Employee Appreciation Day should be every day!

We hope you found some good ideas and will invest a few minutes or moments of your time today to spread some joy to the people you work with and let them know the office wouldn't be the same without them. Appreciate others and theyll appreciate you right back!

Happy celebrating!