On Tuesday we went over the 5 things you must do before the day of your CPA Exam in order to be fully prepared for the check in process and avoid any potential complications. Now we'll go over tips for preparing yourself for when you're at that computer and ready to take the test!

1. Be Familiar with the Exam Format

Candidates are actually required to review the Uniform CPA Examination tutorial and sample tests. It is absolutely imperative that you are familiar with the structure and style of the exam. If you fail to familiarize yourself with the format, it could be detrimental to your score. That is why Roger CPA Review provides all students with simulation software that simulates the look and feel of the computerized examination.

2. Don't Delay After Entering Your Launch Code

Once you enter your launch code, you have a ten minute limit to get through the first four screens which are:

  • Welcome Screen
  • Confidentiality
  • Copyright
  • Exam Directions

Here's an example of the Directions screen:

If you do not get through these four screens and begin the examination within the 10 minute limit, your exam may time out which means the session will automatically terminate and you won't be able to restart the exam. So this is not the time to go to the bathroom! The administrators of the Exam assure that there is adequate time to review the screens and respond appropriately.

Many of our students have asked us if it's OK to jot down helpful notes before the exam. We looked into it and found that most testing centers will provide you with scratch paper (you can't bring your own) once you have gone through the introductory screens and the examination has officially begun. Taking 1-2 minutes tops once you receive the scratch paper to "brain dump" and write down you mnemonics or other information can be very helpful. But remember that the clock is ticking and you only want to give yourself reference points for topics that you need a little extra help with. Get more tips like this here.

3. Read All Instructions Carefully

This includes the Confirmation of Attendance that is given at the testing center after you've completed the exam. Important information is given in both pop-up warnings and static instructions screens during the examination. You must pay attention to all instructions. It may sound obvious but it's easy to rush through something if you think you know what it says. Never assume you already know the information being presented. Keep in mind that information may be updated from one testing window to the next, so even if you've taken the exam before you should always read all the presented information very carefully.

Watch our video where Roger explains more about what to expect on test day.