cpa-exam-testing-center-tipsWhen preparing yourself for the beast that is the CPA Exam, there is so much to consider and prepare for that it can be easy to overlook the logistical details of what it will actually be like when you show up at the Prometric center on the day of your exam.

Understanding the entire process for when you arrive at the testing center will reduce stress and keep you focused on all the CPA Exam review you've spent hours studying. Having a panic attack right before you take the test because you forgot two forms of photo ID is not exactly the ideal way to start the testing process. (Obviously.)

Here are some extremely helpful tips from the folks at Prometric:

1. Make Sure Your Application has been Filled Out Correctly. Review your application to make sure there are no mistakes or incorrect information. For example, the name on you application must exactly match the primary ID you take with you to testing center.

2. Schedule Early. Take advantage of the tools on the Prometric site like Google Maps. You can find the most convenient test center location for you and plan ahead for things like traffic, etc.

3. Read the Candidate Bulletin. We cannot emphasize this enough! The Bulletin has a list of everything you should and shouldn't bring with you to the testing center. It goes over all the necessary documents like the various forms of ID that are accepted and the importance of bringing the correct NTS. Click here for a copy of the Candidate Bulletin.

4. Understand the Check In Process. Knowing exactly what to expect will put your mind at ease. Below is the basic flow to the check in process:

  • Present NTS to TCA
  • Present two IDs to the TCA
  • Complete electronic fingerprint capture process
  • Take the Digital Image
  • Sign the Sign-in Log
  • Demonstrate that your pockets are empty
  • Read and acknowledge the Test Center Regulation Form

5. Test Drive Prometric. Did you know that you can visit and become familiar with the testing center before the exam? Yes! You can make a 30 minute appointment to visit a testing center and go through a mock check in process, a tutorial, and basically get a test run to what the process will be like on the day of your exam. There is no reason to not check out this option. Visit the Prometric site to learn more.

Watch our video where Roger explains more about what to expect on test day.