cpa playlist summer 2015Let’s be realistic. We’ve all had that moment when we transition from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde when we hear our favorite tune on the radio, in a supermarket, or at the mall. The most memorable moments though are when you catch someone else getting lost in their favorite beat, unaware that you've pulled up next to them at a stoplight or spied them down the hallway as you walked to the watercooler.

So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a summer playlist of great songs for you future CPAs out there.

These jams are great to listen to on your commute, walk in the park, or background noise for your daily in house routines. We hope we introduce you to some bands you’ve never heard before and also some oldies but goodies that you should resurrect and make relevant again!


1. “Under Pressure” – Queen

Cause you know…pressure pushing down on you, pushing down on me, and coming from everyone, really, to do well on that CPA Exam!


2. “Taxman” – The Beatles

A reminder of how intimidating you’ll be to others, telling them how it will be—one for you, nineteen for me!


3. “All By Myself” – Celine Dion

For when you’re trying to figure out cost accounting and everyone else on the forums seem to get it except for you. Oh. And also the fact that you haven’t seen daylight for a few months and you just…don’t want to be…all by yourself…anymore.


4. “Mad World” – Gary Jules

The perfect song for when you’re up at 3am studying every night and have to be at work at 8am the next morning and begin to realize that everyone at your work looks like a pterodactyl and that when people run in circles, it’s a very very….mad world.


5. “See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa Feat. Charlie Puth

How you feel when you haven’t seen your flashcards or multiple choice questions application for more than an hour because you had to finish a project at work or school. It’s been a long day without you, my friend.


6. “Cheerleader” – Omi

A reminder of how grateful you are for the people and/or pets in your life who make studying for the CPA Exam a little bit easier with their support and making you sandwiches at midnight, always being right there when you need them.


7. “Bright” – Echosmith

That feeling you get when after hours of intensive lecture watching, book highlighting, note-taking, and review, you finally understand Earnings Per Share! The universe is truly on your side, and now you’re shining bright.


8. “Blank Space” – Taylor Swift

Your relationship with the CPA Exam is…well…complicated. It loves you one second and hates you the next, and vice versa. So it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames, and you can tell us when it’s over if the high was worth the pain.


9. “Run This Town” – Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna 

What you listen to when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and staring your review materials in the face the morning you take a section of your CPA Exam. Who’s gonna run this town? You are. 


10. “The Lazy Song” – Bruno Mars 

You JUST finished spending 4 hours at the Prometric Test Center taking a section of the CPA Exam, so…enough said. Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m just gonna lay in my bed. 


11. “Jealous” – Nick Jonas 

When Twitter and Facebook feeds blow up your phone with “I passed!!!” during score release time and you’re still waiting to see how you did, turning your cheek music up, puffing your chest, getting ready to face them—they could call you obsessed. 


12. “We Are the Champions” – Queen 

And…of course…what CPA playlist would be complete without this gem? #WhenYouFindOutYouPassed