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Are you looking for some extra pointers on how to ace the Research Questions on your CPA Exam? Never fear, Roger is here! Tune in for this CPA Exam Tip by Roger Philipp, CPA, for some simple tips to keep in mind every time you encounter a Research Question on your next exam. 
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Generally on the CPA Exam, for FAR and AUD, youll have 7 TBS. For REG, youll have 6. For all 3 exams, at least 1 will be on research, although Ive had many students who have had 2 of the research questions on the exam. 
How do you handle those questions? First of all, you treat it like a Google search! Type in key terms that youre going to search. Then, youre going to search within. Its not an all or nothing type scoring. They are looking for 4 things: topic, subtopic, section, and paragraph. So when youre typing in for example, what costs should be included in the valuation of inventory (that would be for a FAR question), theyre looking for the topic, subtopic, and section. Those are the most important. Now, the icing on the cake, that would be the last issue, which is the paragraph. But you could still max out on the points by getting 3 out of the 4. For example, you may be looking for something called ACE- 330-10-30 and the icing on the cake for the paragraph would be 9.

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