Welcome back to our new CPA Exam Tip YouTube series, brought to you by Roger Philipp, CPA! As accounting professionals attempting to balance life, work and the CPA Exam, we know that youre about as busy as it gets. Therefore, we hope you enjoy the following bite-sized clip for easy, on-the-go viewing!

Does the Written Communication portion of the BEC Exam have you shaking in your boots? Do not fear - Roger is here! You are not expected to be a literary genius to ace this section of the exam - in fact, if approached correctly, it should be easy points! Tune in below, as Roger Philipp, CPA teaches you how to conquer Written Communication!

Remember, when they score they are looking for: Are you on topic? Is it relevant? And your writing skills- clear, concise, complete, use of standard English- thats what they are grading you on! Its important that you use no bullet points, no abbreviations, no charts, no graphs, because thats what not they will grade you on. Its machine graded! The machine doesnt know how to read charts, graphs abbreviations, and so on. So make sure its in complete sentences. You want a clear beginning, middle and end. Its okay to go ahead and repeat the words in the question because they are looking for those keywords in the answer. There are three questions in the written communications In BEC, and you have about 15 minutes to work on each of them. Of the 3, only 2 are graded, 1 is only pretested, so it makes it 15% of your score. So thats the approach to take: clear, concise, complete, good use of English, and no grammar mistakes!