This morning, the AICPA announced some new features to be added to your CPA Exam. These updates will be put into effect very soon and could affect your testing experience. Here are the updates, in our short and sweet nutshell:

1. Starting October 1st, the calculator that you get to use on the CPA Exam will have a comma key. So if you're looking to punch in "one billion," you can do so by using the comma key and not get lost in all those zeroes. Also, you'll see an updated tutorial that will feature some new announcements (regarding changes to the exam).

2. If you're testing starting January 1st or onwards, you'll get a neat little timer on the introductory screen of the exam. This way, you don't use up too much time reading all that material (exam policies, copyright, section introductions). The timer will be set for 10 minutes. 

As you can tell, not too many new changes, but good to know so you're not thrown off when you test during this window or next year! If you've tested and you saw these changes, share with us your thoughts in the comments blow.

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