The month of August is almost over, and that means many of you will start preparing to take the CPA Exam in the next testing window. We've compiled a helpful list of tips for those getting ready for the first time. However, those with a few sections under their belt will find these tips refreshing.

CPA Exam Studying
Photo credits: AICPA

  1. Have your basics down COLD: Were not referring just to the CPA exam material basics, but also things like your sleeping schedule, eating habits, and exercise. Dont forget that getting proper sleep is essential to your success.
  2. Let everyone know that youre studying for the exam: Letting people around you know makes the test more of a reality. In a way, people are holding you accountable for taking the test once youve told them. When you hear yourself say it to others, you KNOW that its going to happen and that you need to crack open those books.
  3. Adopt a Study Schedule and STICK TO IT: With the amount of material youll be taking in, youll be glad you made a study schedule. Something that can help with this is a review course. You can have detailed study planners with all your personal life events factored in! CPA Exam Review coursesare great because they organize all the information for you- all you have to do is learn it!
  4. Plan your rewards: In your study planners, add rewards for when you finish studying for certain sections! And dont forget to visualize and plan for a day off for the day after your exam. Many of us are motivated by some incentive, so make sure your reward is something you are willing to earn. For example, you can decide to accept that date or dinner invitation with friends only if you finish all the assigned work for the week.
  5. On the Day of the Exam: Remember that youve worked hard and this is your chance to prove it. Don't try to learn new concepts on the day of the exam; skimming through notes for the section youre taking briefly is a good idea. Take a moment to remember WHY youre about to do this; that reason is probably why you went through this ordeal and it will put things into perspective. When you get to the Prometrics Testing Center, go and attack that exam!
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