Why should you become a CPA? Watch our brand new CPA Exam tip as Roger Philipp, CPA explains the benefits of becoming a CPA. This short video is perfect if you're evaluating the profession or if you're having second guesses as you study for the exam.

Why become a CPA? Well, first of all, it's definitely not easy. But if you commit, it's definitely worth it! A couple of the benefits: financial! Ka-ching! The average CPA makes about 15%-20% more than any non-CPA. Another benefit is reputation: becoming a CPA proves that you're disciplined, you're focused, you're intelligent; it's great as far as your job and it's great for advancement as well. Again, having that reputation is amazing. You also have job security: there are so many scandals with ethical issues out there in the world, so CPAs are in demand! With the world becoming much more globalized in terms of international standards, the license gives you great job security. So those are just some of the benefits of becoming a CPA!

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