2020 has arrived and with it, all the opportunities of success that a new year brings.  As we partner with our students to pass the CPA Exam this year, we want to celebrate those who passed with Roger CPA Review and inspire those who are sitting for the Exam in 2020

Here are some of our most inspiring success stories:

  1. “I attributed my CPA Exam preparedness to SmartPath! The ability to gauge my performance against others who passed was the most helpful part of any CPA Exam prep I've used.” - Cody Cassady

  2. SmartPath technology truly made all the difference in my success on the CPA Exam. It showed me exactly where I needed to focus my time and how to practice leading up to the Exam.  All in a format that I could easily understand and interpret. That enabled me to not only pass FAR on my retake with an increase in 14 points, but to also then pass the remaining 3 sections of the CPA Exam all on the first try, completing the entire CPA Exam in 6 months!” - Alia Hussain

  1. “I cannot say enough about the Roger CPA Review Course! I was able to pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam in 6 months while holding down a full-time job and chasing 3 small children around. Roger CPA Review made the lessons so interesting and engaging. As a result, I was able to learn the information; not just memorize it. I feel like I can contribute so much more to my company and career with the knowledge that Roger CPA Review has given me.” - Ashley Long

  1. “I can't say enough good things about this program. I had failed the CPA Exam twice before using another review program. Through the textbooks, lectures, and homework, Roger CPA Review gives you more than you need to do well. This program helped me build the foundational knowledge and reasoning skills I needed. Put the time in and genuinely seek to understand the concepts. You'll be well-rewarded for your efforts.” - Stephanie S.

  2. “I have literally tried every CPA Review course on the market (Becker, Wiley, Ninja) and I can easily say Roger CPA Review tops them all. The material was made simple for one to understand. There were plenty of multiple choice and TBS questions to practice from, and the homework help center was readily available to help when needed. Thank you, Roger CPA Review! You made my CPA dreams a reality!” -Erik Galstyan

  3. “Roger CPA Review made my experience of studying for the CPA Exam enjoyable. I am proud to say that I passed all four parts of the CPA Exam on the first try. I couldn’t have done it without the study tools that Roger CPA Review provided.” - Lexi Weber

  1. Sixteen years after finishing my first college degree, I went back to night classes and got my accounting degree. After some research, I found Roger CPA Review. Roger kept me focused and motivated, and I passed all four sections on the first try! Whether you're fresh out of college or you've been out a few years like me, Roger CPA Review will have you prepared to sit for each section of the CPA Exam. Thank you, Roger CPA Review! I’m forever grateful to you for helping me get my certification.” - Jason Baker

  1. “I sat for and failed the FAR Exam 3 times with another CPA Review course. I was looking for a program that would teach me material rather than simply review concepts. Roger CPA Review has been amazing and, by following his instructions, I passed FAR on my (new) first try with an 84!” -Ashley Gardner

  1. “Well, it’s all over!!!!! Scores were released this morning. Here is my breakdown:

FAR: 83

AUD: 84

BEC: 85

REG: 85

I seriously could not have done this without the Roger CPA Review team. The Roger CPA Review course is an unbelievable product that yielded incredible results. My deepest thanks!” -Justin Shadday

  1. “I've looked forward to the day that I could finally make this post! I'm extremely proud to say that I have conquered the final part of the CPA Exam! A ton of hard work went into passing all four parts on the first try but I have made it happen. I had an excellent team of people behind me at Roger CPA Review, including Toni M. Williams, Roger Philipp, and Tyler Skelton. The Roger CPA Review program kept me motivated all the way through and provided the tools needed to crack this test on the first try. Thank you all for your support and motivation!” -Cody McQuillen 

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