Earlier this year, we talked about the 4 Things Your CPA Review Is Doing Wrong. Now, we want to explain why its important to study with materials that not only fit together, but also work hand in hand to ensure a successful studying experience.

Why is it important for your course materials to fit together? The most obvious reason is youre going to be really confused if they don't! Imagine a puzzle. Each puzzle piece is connected to another and when you finish putting all the pieces together, you can see the entire picture. Isnt it always a beautiful feeling? A CPA Review course should work the same way: all study materials, such as textbooks, lectures, notes and study questions should be interconnected so that when youre through with your studying, you can have that ah-ha! moment. As weve mentioned before, the most effective learning happens when there is structure and integration among all course review materials. 
If that isnt reason enough for your course materials to fit together, then consider this: suppose you are using Company Xs textbooks and lectures, but youre using Company Ys homework problems. While doing a homework problem from Company Y, you come across a problem that you dont understand. So you crack open Company Xs textbook and flip through it, trying to find where the concept is explained. Confused already? We are too! More importantly, do you see how this is turning into a waste of time? Many CPA review courses do this: they will sell you parts of the course and promise that youll have that ah-ha! moment. However, this is not how a student successfully learns the concepts on the CPA Exam. 
When a student studies with the Roger CPA Review course, all the learning happens on one fully integrated eLearning platform. This means the puzzle pieces are at the students fingertips and he/she can put the pieces together without scrambling around for information. All materials are connected. allowing for a streamlined studying experience: each practice problem on the platform is linked to a specific location in the textbook and lectures. With integrated study management tools, such as the study planner and light bulbs to gauge learning, students have full control over their studies are able to study in the most efficient way possible. 
We encourage all CPA Exam students to study on a fully integrated platform so that they too can have that ah-ha! moment- a time when they finally understand why a certain accounting principle is the way it is, when all the dots are connected, and when what theyre left with is a completed puzzle.

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