"Only the CPA exam can make you feel horrible for taking a nap. Ugh." --WowGG, via Twitter

When studying for something as significant as the CPA Exam, your own determination and resolve can actually work against you. You may be tempted to study ferociously, using every moment to cram bits of CPA Exam information into your already exhausted brain. You might even find yourself giving up sleep, nutrition or personal obligations to make time for more studying.

While a certain amount of sacrifice is required, it can be easy to sacrifice too much. Your motives may be noble, but, devoting too much time to studying can be almost as bad as devoting no time at all. As in most areas of life, balance is the key to success.

To study effectively, your brain needs to be working at maximum efficiency. By neglecting your bodys need for rest, recuperation, you are also neglecting your brain. To get the most out of your brain, youll need to give it the rest, nutrition, and exercise it demands.

To avoid burning out, make sure to strike a good balance between your physical and mental requirements. Take measured breaks to eat, sleep, and let your brain recover from intense study sessions. Youll find yourself learning faster, remembering more and feeling better about your progress.

So, dont feel horrible for taking that nap. Just dont nap for too long!