Wow, February is almost coming to an end! This also means that the first window of the CPA Exam is almost done. With many of you taking your exam in the next few days, we wanted to give you some quick tips so you can walk in feeling like a (confident) million bucks!

The Day before the exam:

  • Get driving directions to the center location
  • Have 2 forms of ID ready (Driver's license, passport, ID card) and your Notice to Schedule (NTS)
  • Get plenty of sleep!

Day of the Exam:

  • Eat a good breakfast (Fruit, Oatmeal, good carbs)
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee (You'll need to go to the bathroom)
  • Relax, be confident, be positive
  • Allow yourself enough time to arrive early at the testing center. Consider traffic conditions and weather. Don't be late!
  • Take a deep breath and begin!

Good luck to everyone taking the exam this month!